The first week is official!

ODDfigures' Babu's launch was one week ago, and it was great to see the response we've gotten from some of the people on social media. They were all very positive, and it gave us a nice motivational boost. The launch also gave us a chance to test the comic and website on a somewhat larger scale, and thankfully it hasn't given us any big problems. One small note for now is, some people noticed the navigation of the graphic novel doesn't work on older version of the Safari browser on Macs. So be sure to update it before you read the prologue.

The social media have been interesting to get used to. We were already using some of them, but Twitter and Instagram were new to us and fun to get into. Especially Instagram is a great platform for posting visuals and an easy way to get some exposure.

Overall it's just great that Babu is now out in the open and ready to hopefully grow a lot more in the coming time. We're going to keep up with the social media and look for other ways to reach people that might be interested in ODDfigures' Babu. That, and continue developing Babu! We've got a few parts lined up already, so if you liked the prologue: more is coming.

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The launch is official!

For the last two years (since the first note was put onto a piece of paper), we've been working to get to this point: an official launch of ODDfigures' Babu. A lot of hard work was put into the website and the online graphic novel and now it is finally time to put ourselves out there. The prologue of ODDfigures' Babu can be read here.

Although we have arrived at a point where we feel confident enough to go public with Babu, there are still a lot of things in the making. On top of finishing more of the graphic novel, we are also adding more features to the website. This means one thing: a lot of work. To keep us motivated, we'd love for you to follow and support us on social media. Like and share our posts to spread the word. Tell your neighbours, tell your friends. Help us get noticed! Drop by our Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram pages whenever you feel like it.

You can also help us out by treating us on a coffee. We're spending as much time as we can on the development but we also have bills to pay and a massive coffee addiction to tend to.

What you can expect for now is new parts of Babu released on a semi-regular basis and regular blog posts on things like the development, progress, slices of life, basically anything we think might interest you. Follow us on social media to hear when a new part is released and to get sneak previews, concept art and updates on the production.

We hope you'll enjoy the story of Babu - please let us know if you do!