Whoops! Already skipped my first week on this blog. I forgot to post something last week. This made me decide to post as to why I am trying to keep up a blog.

Because, to be honest, I'm not really expecting anyone to read this except for a few people that accidentally clicked the links I post on social media. The main reason I'm doing this is the SEO (Search Engine Optimization). When ranking the countless websites floating around on the net, search engines look at (among many other things) how 'fresh' the content on a website is when they decide to place a website high or low in the list. So, a website with less activity will place lower than one with more fresh, updated content. Seeing as I am only putting a new chapter online every month, I felt I needed something else to generate some content at least once a week. A blog seemed like a good fit. This is also why my blog isn't on any of the 'ready to use' websites (which would've been easier, with more features and more interactivity with other people): it had to generate content on my own web address.

SEO isn't the only reason though: keeping a blog updated can be a nice way of forcing yourself to organize your head a little. It makes me think of what I've done the past week and what I'll do in the coming. For now, it's almost more of a diary for me.

Anyway, new part online in two weeks!